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3 Solutions to fix Google Play Store “Error code 110”

March 5, 2021

At least in one occasion we have come across an error thrown by the store from where we download applications from our mobile, this act indicates that the application to download is not compatible with our device. This time we will talk about the “Error 110” issued by the Google Play Store as a warning of rejection.

Either because the app contains viruses or because the Smartphone is having problems and therefore doesn’t accept some applications, the Error code 110 is very common.

Error code 110 in the Play Store

Perhaps you have received a message similar to this: “unknown error code during installation of application 110“, on your device, Android tablet or iPhone, when trying to update or download an app from Play Store or Google Play, but don’t be alarmed, because in this article you will show you 3 solutions to fix it.

1. Clean the Google Play StoreError code 110

When you present this type of inconvenience on your mobile, you have as an alternative this first method that is to clean the Google Play Store, which is nothing more than deleting the cache and Play Store data. To achieve the above, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start by opening the Settings App on your mobile device, followed by this, you must press Apps and Notifications then you must press “view all apps“. Slide down and go to Google Play Store, there you must locate the storage and finally, press Clear Data.
  2. After following the above steps, you must reopen Google Play Store and then resume the download restarting it. This will surely solve the annoying inconvenience that often makes us lose patience for believing that our mobile is defective.
  3. Experts on the subject consider that the Play Store collection should be eliminated, since this represents an obligation to keep our Smartphone tidy and clean, to perform this action, they should simply enter the mobile version of Google Play Store.
  4. Once there, go to “My Apps“. In the collection tab and that’s it. There you can sort the list by name or by the date it was installed on the device, either from the oldest to the most recent or vice versa, it is your choice.

There is also the option to delete a specific game or app. To do this just enter Google Play Games on your Android mobile or tablet, then at the top of the screen you must touch “More Settings“, then press Delete Data and account.

Finally, tap on “Delete data from a game“, where you will have to identify the game data you want to delete and press on that option. Very simple for many users, this method is effective and should be known by all who make use of Google Play Store.

2. Install the application manually

Now we move on to a second method that is an alternative for those who do not work with the first option. Here we present another one that will work for some of you. The important thing is not to lose your temper because the solution does exist.

This consists of getting the desired application outside the Google Play Store that is through the web of our mobile or a computer. To achieve this it is simple, we just have to go to the internet reference to download these files.

We recommend the app called APKMirror from where you can download the latest version of all Android applications. This method may seem extreme but is not, remember that the intention is to get the desired application.

It should be noted that to perform the action of downloading apps that are not from Google Play Store, we must authorize our mobile so that it can get applications from other sources, for this, we must follow these indications also very easy.

Let’s click on the “Security” option. This will open the menu of the same name, where you will scroll down and have to press the box that says “Unknown sources” to allow the mobile to visit other fields.

In other mobiles may appear these series of steps in a different way so they can also appear in this way. Go to Notifications, then Settings, followed by Device Management and then activate the options of Notifications.

3. Factory reset

We move on to the third method, perhaps the one that seems most effective. Is the factory reset. This consists of resetting the values from zero of our Smartphone. With this our mobile will be like new at the system level.

To apply it there are also many ways but in the end. The result is the same: start from scratch with the downloads from Google Play Store hoping that the failure or the appearance of Error 110 doesn’t happen again, at least in a long time.

To apply it we must enter the Settings Menu on the mobile device. Then in the Personal section, it would only remain to locate the option “Restore factory data“, this will start the process to erase all data from the Smartphone.

This method is also known as “Hard Reset” or what is equal to Hard Reset with which we will get to reset our mobile leaving it in factory state, eliminating any data, files and applications that we have downloaded.

Sometimes, the device will ask twice, as a kind of confirmation giving another chance or confirming that the decision you are going to take is the right one and that you accept the state in which the mobile will end, that is, it will be like when you bought it in the store.

As a recommendation, before restarting or applying the Hard Reset on your mobile, save all the information you want to keep or have again in your Google account, so that after applying the above you can restore your data and not lose everything.