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How to fix Camera error on Samsung Galaxy?

March 6, 2021

Samsung Galaxy devices sometimes present failures when using the cameras it has, either the front or rear. This problem appears when we want to use our Smartphone to record videos or take pictures with it.

In this article we will tell you how to fix the Camera error on Samsung Galaxy, where sometimes we have appeared the failure by this error in the important application.

This can happens due to a hardware failure so the ideal would be to take it to the store where we purchased the device to be repaired or replaced by another phone.

Sometimes, it is the software that doesn’t work properly and it is easier to give a solution ourselves without the need to take it for repair or to the place where we bought the phone. Here we will tell you how to solve this problem that may seem difficult so you should not despair.

The cameras in these devices present an error but it is possible to solve it with some patience and dedication; and the most important thing is that you will know what to do if this happens again.

Clearing the phone and camera cache

The first option that is recommended is to delete or clear the cache of the phone and camera. The cache is a memory similar to the RAM that every time we turn off the equipment this memory is deleted. The big difference between these two is that the cache is faster.

So when you delete it, the data will not be deleted either the photos, information, contacts or conversations that are stored since the device and the app will keep these that are in another memory, so you can rest assured.

Now, to clear the camera cache, we must go to Settings, then Storage, Cached Data and press “OK“. This will clear the temporary file storage. It should be noted that this applies to all apps.

Recovery Mode

Recovery Mode is a security method that allows you to erase the device’s cache or reset it to factory defaults. It will leave it as new as when you bought it in the store, speaking at the system level, nothing physical of course. With this you would be solving the booting problems of the mobile.

The data is stored in a different partition from the system itself, in case there is any failure in the main one, although we must make it clear that this will not prevent you from accessing the recovery to find a solution.

To apply this Recovery Mode, we must press Volume Up simultaneously with the Power Button, then the Volume Down Button several times to select the “Recovery Mode” option. Then the Power Button to restart the device in recovery Mode.

An image of an Android will appear with a red exclamation mark and the phrase “No Commands“. To exit this mode, we must select using the volume buttons the option “Reboot System Now” which will let us exit Recovery without inconveniences.

Clean the Android folder

This method of cleaning the Android folder is quite simple since it refers to deleting the elements of a folder either individually or selecting the ones you are going to discard or simply deleting the entire folder at once.

This option is mostly used when your mobile is at its limit when it is full of so many files whether photos, contacts, messages, audios, videos or applications. We can delete all of the above but there are always things left behind that are considered “Junk Files” that you don’t really need but take up space on your phone.

Delete Alternate Camera  Samsung Galaxy camera

The Alternative Camera is part of the preinstalled applications on the devices, so it is a bit difficult or takes some work to get rid of it, either because it presents failures or because we want to use another application that offers more features.

To disable apps from the system follow these indications:

  • Access Android settings and look for the apps option, press the menu and choose “All Apps“.
  • Search and select the apps you want to delete or that you no longer want to use.
  • You must get the “Disable” option so that the one you have selected is definitely unused.