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How to fix low video quality on Instagram stories?

March 5, 2021

In this article we will show you how to fix low video quality on Instagram stories you upload. Since once we do this the video tends to pixelate or lose image and audio quality.

A very common cause why our stories are pixelated is because of a video have been recorded fast, the application may support it in a blurry way. Instagram will automatically reduce the quality of your recorded video to upload it successfully.

How to raise the quality of videos on Instagram stories?

One of the ways we can improve the quality of the videos or at least not to lose the quality of them, is to use an application called “Venlow“. With it we can avoid that both WhatsApp and Instagram compress our videos minimizing their size.

Another option recommended by experts of this social network, is to record the videos with the native camera of your mobile. This offers you higher resolution quality content; also, avoid use other apps that worsen the quality of the video.

Another advantage of using your smartphone’s camera is that you can use options such as HDR+ and video recordings at 60 FPS.

Install the latest version of InstagramInstagram quality

We all know that updates or new versions of applications means that it brings better quality, more features and alternatives to offer to its followers, but unfortunately, not even the latest version of this app manages to improve the quality of the videos in the stories.

Record videos with Open Camera

This application to record videos is exclusively for Android devices, however, they warn that not all functions are available for iOS models, although it is still striking to capture moving images and upload them to social networks.

The great attraction of this app is that it allows the vast majority of cell phones, have the manual use on it to get the best results when recording a video. Open Camera is considered one of the best free video applications.

It is important to note that Open Camera is ideal for novice users who need something simple and effective. It’is also designed for more experienced people who record themselves and upload their recordings to YouTube for example.

Using the GBinsta applicationGBinsta

GBinsta is another wonderful application, as it allows you to use two Instagram accounts at the same time. Like the previous application, GBinsta is exclusively for Android users, and offers additional features, such as downloading photos and videos.

Convert videos with Convertio

This application supports more than 25,600 different conversions in more than 300 different file formats making it the best app in its style. It supports 100% online formats and is completely free. Convertio is also compatible for videos that you later want to upload to Instagram.

The recommendation to obtain a good material and post it on social networks with the best possible quality is that first record short videos; don’t do it directly from the social network, rather use the camera of your mobile or the one of your preference, do it horizontally. Always make sure you have data and good wi-fi connection when uploading your material.