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How to fix ”There was a Problem Communicating with Google servers” in the Play Store

March 5, 2021

Many users of the Play Store, especially those with Android devices, have been shown a message indicating that there was a communication problem with the Google Servers on their cell phone, so then this problem is considered a common failure.

We will show you how to solve this annoying error at using the Play Store that surely had happened to you at some point or to someone you know. It is very simple to solve it with the methods that we will explain.

Check the internet connection

Play Store

When this happens, the first thing we do is to check the internet connection to verify that is working rigth. For this we simply open the browser of our preference or the one that comes installed on the mobile and open any web page, since we are just testing.

Edit the hosting file manually

This method is called Host File, also known as Host. This is a small but very useful text file that stores host names with IP addresses.

The host is a simple file that is opened and modified with the standard editor. The first thing it shows is the description that the operating system makes of the file. This file facilitates the classification of IP addresses.

These files can only be modified by the system administrators, every time we access to a web page; the mobile or computer first checks the host for an entry that corresponds to it.

Clean the host with Lucky Patcher

This application called Lucky Patcher is very popular among many Android users. Lucky Patcher is an applications with root tools with which you can make modifications to the system of the device, specifically in the applications that are installed.

With it you can freeze applications, move to the system folder and even create a backup. Lucky Patcher is an application to modify other apps and games with “patches“, to be more specific.

The movement of this app is through the patches, which means that if you use it for modifications, you will benefit since its intention will be aimed at eliminating advertising or avoid annoying verifications. And if you apply it in games, you will get to change functions and cheat.

If we consult the definition on its website, we will get that it is an application that serves to modify other Android applications that are installed on the system of your mobile or device.