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How to transfer your iPhone contacts to Android?

March 6, 2021

Keeping your phone contacts is a necessity, so when we change our smartphone we must keep them. Sometimes it’s difficult to transfer these phone numbers from one phone to another, but for that we will teach you a few methods that will facilitate the work of transfer your iPhone contacts to Android.

In this article you will find alternatives to move or transfer your contacts from an iPhone device to an Android one, that’s why you should continue reading so that you know how to do in case you have to replace your phone and have to keep your contacts saved on your mobile.

The first thing you need to do to transfer your contacts is to have the receiving device that is the Android phone and you should also have it synchronized with a Gmail account, as well as the latest operating system update.

Transfer contacts from iPhone to Android with your Google AccountiPhone to Android

In this method, you will see how you can transfer contacts from one device to another using your Google Account. For this, we recommend you to make a backup with Google Drive for iOS, so that you will only have to recover the copy on your Android.

Now, once you are on Android, you will need a Google Account. If you haven’t done it before, the first thing you should do is to create one.

If you already have the account, you simply have to download Google Drive on your iPhone, and then open the side menu by sliding your finger to the right and within this click “Settings“, where you will find the option “Back up“.

With this you would be starting the process of creating the copy to move the contacts to your other mobile.

You will see three options: Contacts, Calendar Events and Photos and Videos, which you will have to select one by one to make the decision if you will include these data in your backup, being the first step the selection of “Contacts“.

Once there, you will have to press the “Create backups in Google Contacts” activation button. When you select the previous one, the ones you have in your iPhone address book will be saved. When you finish, press the back option to do the same with the calendar and with the photos and videos.

Then, Google Drive will request a series of permissions to access your contacts and calendars to verify which items you want to save and when you accept, it will immediately start the creation of the backup, once the process is complete, everything will be saved in “Google Contacts“.

With this, the transfer of your contacts to your new smartphone will be ready, so you will not have to do anything else on your Android, because you are using the same Google Account where you made the backup, now you only need to enter your contacts on your mobile and they will all be there.

As important and necessary information, it is necessary to save the created Google password. This will help you not to lose your data and contacts when you change device again, and so you will keep them synchronized on any subsequent mobile you own.

Transfer contacts with iCloud

This is considered Apple’s life-saving cloud, which safe all the data on iPhones and iPad’s including contacts. This is why you will always keep your list of friends, family and colleagues with you.

Exporting them to your new smartphone is easy, since you don’t need to have the iPhone to make this transfer because you can access the Apple cloud regardless of the device. Of course, as long as you have not deleted your iCloud account.

You will have it available using a web browser, either on a computer or Android. The process is as follows: go to the iCloud address, login with your account, preferably from a computer.

Then, you must select all the iCloud contacts from the desktop. Just press “ctrl +A” or if it is from a Mac, “cmd +A“. Then, check the cogwheel that appears on the screen and “Export vCard“, where you will download a file with the contacts and information.

Upload the file to the mobile, only if you downloaded it on the computer (if you did it on your mobile, save this step since your device will have the vCard). Then, in your contacts app, look for the import option and also the vCard option.

Select the downloaded file and accept (your contacts will be added from your iCloud).

Transfer each contact with email or text

We can transfer the contacts from one mobile to another, using email. To do this, we must add the contacts on the device we are leaving.

Press the word “Export“, followed by the Contacts icon.

Continue with the menu button on your cell phone and press the option “Import/Export” select Phone and press “Next“.

Next you will need to identify where you will send the contacts from your address book, where you will need to choose “Phone” and then press “Next“.

You will continue the process by choosing the “SD Card” option, locate it and press “Next” again. Choose the contacts of your interest by selecting them one by one or all at once, and press “Export“. Subsequently, you will have to do the step in reverse.

Click on the cell phone menu, and then on the “Import” option, the source of the import, which is the SD card and then “Next“. Now you must select the email address where you will copy the contacts, the destination, email account and then press Next.

A vCard file will appear; which you will have to accept and select the file, then “Accept” and when you open your email, there will be the list of contacts, where you will also find your old contacts from the phone book.

This last method is the longest but just as effective as the previous ones, so the recommendation is to follow it carefully to not forget any step and achieve the objective effectively, recovering the telephone contacts.