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How to turn off “Don’t cover the earphone area” on Xiaomi?

March 6, 2021
How to turn off “Don’t cover the earphone area” on Xiaomi?

Surely you have seen the message “Don’t cover the earphone area” on your Xiaomi phone, same that shows the screen of cell phones and that prevents us from making use of our phone causing various difficulties. The quickest thing that this failure forces us to do is to lock and unlock the mobile, specifically in the popular Redmi.

This is shown when our mobile is locked, the the message “Don’t cover the earphone area” or “Don’t cover the orange area of the screen” where the touch screen is disabled if the top of the device is covered. But if it is uncovered, then the screen will function normally.

What we always do?Don’t cover the earphone area on Xiaomi

The action we resort to do to prevent this problem from continuing to appear on the screen of the device is to restart the mobile prolonging the absence of this annoying message on our phone, but what you may not know is that there are other easier and permanent ways to get rid of this affectation.

They are methods to make dissapear this message from your phone, we will explain it to you in a very easy way.

Methods to get rid of this message

In this article we will tell you some keys or a more effective method to get rid of how annoying it can be to live with this ad so many times it appears on our mobile, so we invite you to continue reading and identify if it works for you to get the solution.

MIUI Method

In the option offered by MIUI, you will find the fastest option to solve this problem. You will get the solution that is available from MIUI 9 and forwards which is a very important fact to consider especially when locating the options.

Pocket mode

This method called ‘Pocket Mode’ is nothing more than an option that the Xiaomi device offers us to get to avoid the appearance of the message “don’t cover the earphone area“. Fully designed so that there is no interaction while the mobile screen is off.

So that the message doesn’t appear, we must only follow these indications:

  • Locate the “Settings” section on the phone; then go to the “Lock Screen” option.
  • Go down a little and identify the “Pocket Mode” option and proceed to press to disable it.

Reason for this failure

Actually, this inconvenience shouldn’t be attributed to a fault in the device since it is rather related to the design of the mobile. For this reason, we see it in the Redmi Note 8 and 9 and others Xiaomi models, which makes it clear that it is not a function of the phone that causes it.

The problem lies rather in the application of the screen protector, as it prevents the proximity sensor to work as it should, producing this not very pleasant message for those who own phones of this important brand.

Another method

Another way to avoid the message “don’t cover the earphone area” would be to place another screen protector and be more careful when applying it to the mobile, avoiding that the sensor is covered with the application of this. This method is more effective than any other.

The problem may come from the phone case, so you should check and identify where the Xioami sensor is to detect the origin since it’s difficult to identify it with the naked eye. This is a simple method that you can apply in a short time.

It’s recommended to correctly apply the screen projector. Use Covers that cover or wrap completely the phone to avoid blocking or covering the sensor of the device.