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How to verify if your Xiaomi phone is original?

March 6, 2021

When we manage to raise the money to buy a Xiaomi phone, we always expect it to be in a store directly with the company that sells them. Sometimes we have to buy it from its former owner at a lower value for being a mobile already used by someone. Yes, a used phone.

We always hope that our next Smartphone will be as complete as possible and after the other person passes all the tests by answering all our questions regarding the phone, we buy it.

Unfortunately, there are people who take advantage of the situation and sell you a phone of bad provenance or that was stolen, and perhaps not an original one. This, without thinking about the legal complications and issues that may present the phone.

In this article we will talk about how to find out if your phone is original, so we invite you to continue reading and you will find out how to find out in very simple steps through the same mobile. In this case, we refer to the Xiaomi brand.

Xiaomi is originally from China and many times it is these devices that due to their origin suffer from what we know as “Piracy“, often carried out by some sellers who illegally use the same designs for illegal purpose.

That is why it is important to pay attention to the place where you buy the mobile than the money invested since there are many portals and stores where they sell copies of phones as if they were originals.

Method 1: With the serial number or IMEI codeHow to verify if your Xiaomi phone is original?

The company itself has reported that its products have been victims of counterfeiting, including accessories such as chargers, headphones and other items that match the phone device.

One of the methods to check that your phone is an original Xiaomi is to look for the IMEI number of the device. This code composed of 15 digits was established to identify each phone on the market because two Smartphones can’t have the same code.

Is recommended that this code of numbers been stored in a safe place because in case of losing the phone with that serial you can block it.

In the configuration or settings of the phone, it is not the only place where you can find this code. You need to know that you can also find it in the box where your device came when you bought it, or if you bought it in a store, it is also reflected in the warranty sheet.

The last alternative to know this important group of numbers is to dial from the same device *#06# and then it will show you on the screen the IMEI code which we insist you should keep in an agenda or another place where you can get it in case you lose your device.

Method 2: With the secret code

Doing this it will show you a series of steps to check through the functions if your device is working properly and there is nothing wrong with it. The secret code is provide by dialing *#*#4636#*#*, then information such as model of the Phone, Battery and Usage statistics will be display.

Method 3: MIUI version menu to check Xiaomi phone

The same consists of a series of settings that make it easy to check the phone, function by function, for example, the screen, connections to networks or Wi-Fi, vibration, radio and other tests that you would like to know.

This method is designed to let you know the hidden parts of your phone. Some experts often call them “Hardware Test” or “Component Test” menus which is nothing more than an option that is kept hidden and allows you to enable full testing of the device.

The menu doesn’t show many steps to get in to it and in return offers a number of tools to test the phone with the aim of checking that each component of your Xiaomi is working properly. This menu is hidden in the system settings.

You only need to go to MIUI settings and locate the ‘My device’ option then select ‘All Specifications’. Search for ‘kernel version’ and press five times in a row: you will access the menu.

Once there, the menu will show the check of all the hardware included in the mobile, so you must click component by component and follow the instructions to ensure that the operation is adequate.

It is important to pass this test if you have the feeling that something is wrong with your mobile, but if everything is fine, you do not need to go any further and enjoy your phone.

Method 4: Xiaomi Product Authentication

A new method was born to show you another window that reinforces the security of these acts. In case you don’t count on the previous ones, this option will help you.

You just have to go to follow this link and check for your Xiaomi Phone Authentication. Follow the indication required and then you can verify the authenticity of the phone.