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Hulu vs Netflix which one is the best?

March 5, 2021

Currently, streaming services are widely used by people who love home entertainment, such is the case of these two very famous platforms, and we refer to Hulu and Netflix.

The first is owned by Walt Disney and NBC Universe companies, who are part of the investors owners of this, which arrived during 2007, and through it you can enjoy live TV, while the second, perhaps a little more popular for being the favorite of most users although it has arrived later, stands out for offering more content in different languages than the previous one.

Both services coincide in the production and reproduction of audiovisual content, and it is that they came to become the strong competition of subscription television and different applications or websites that offer some kind of entertainment for those who want to watch series or movies from your mobile or computer, just by connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

Hulu vs Netflix: AvailabilityHulu vs Netflix


Hulu, although born in October 2007, it was not until 2011 that it arrived in Japan, while for Spain and Latin America it’s expected to be release in the middle of the current year (2021). However, some sources have confirmed that by means of a VPN, it is possible to enjoy this service.

Netflix on the other hand, has a greater reach to almost every corner of the planet, but has the particularity of offering content exclusively for some countries or continents. Also, have the particularity that some series have their premiere first in the United States, then in Europe and finally in Latin America and the rest of the word.

Device support


Since 2019, the two mentioned platforms, Hulu and Netflix, sent announcements asking their customers to update their devices since old versions would be obsolete to continue enjoying the services. As a result, older Roku devices were limited to the classic versions of these subscription-based platforms, preventing them from accessing all the content offered and all the features they have.

Roku, to get into context, is an application that converts your normal TV is a Smart TV through a device with USB input or HDMI cable allowing the correct transmission or playback of streaming content or multimedia audio and video, that is, the ideal to enjoy 100% of Netflix and Hulu services.


The content offered by these platforms is quite similar, although we must recognize that they maintain exclusive productions of each one and for each region of the planet.

In the case of Hulu, the first to make noise to traditional television, has movies, series, soap operas and cartoons, that is, varied products for every member of the family, it also offers live streaming service, allowing from its platform to view channels such as Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, ABC, NBC and FOX, plus sports programming and the most exclusive of FOX, TNT, ESPN, CNN, and others channels.

Netflix maintains its main attraction in the creation of its original series and movies recorded in Europe, United States, Mexico and Japan. It also offers the reproduction of documentaries and dramas from television stations in different corners of the world, making it the strongest competitor of open and subscription television.

Plans and services

We come to a certain point when choosing or preferring one of these two important audiovisual content creators, and it is none other than the indicator of the cost or investment that must be made to have access to their content.

One of them is more economical so it can be the preferred one when hiring the services of this type of entertainment, while the other, although more expensive, defends itself by boasting a greater variety and different functions when making use of its platform.

Netflix can be contracted for lower rates, which makes it the most used in some countries (especially in Spain and America) where it doesn’t reach what we could call its opponent, and is that with this you can enjoy good productions and if you want to watch live TV, you must resort to subscription television.

The cost in Spain to have access to a screen of this service is €8.99 if you want the basic plan, but if we hire the standard plan, we will have to pay €11.99 and if you want more content and access to all features or more screens. Then there is the Premium plan, for the cost of €15.99, all are rates to be paid each month for this platform that arrived in October 2015 to Europe.

If we go with Hulu, we must remember that this still does not reach many places, including Spain, but it is known that its acquisition price on a monthly basis exceeds the previous platform (Netflix), since the basic plan of this is positioned between 11 and 15 dollars per month, with the right to the basic content.

However, if we want to enjoy all its virtues, such as live signal, commercial-free content, fast forward, pause and record programs, the price increases to more than $40 per month.

If we match Netflix and Hulu in dollars, the former would be more expensive if we talk about the basic plan, but if we refer to better plans, the latter charges more to enjoy its services.

Netflix offers plans in 6, 11 and 15 dollars, being the cheapest service the one that offers more screens (more people connected) than image quality, since the better the plan, the better the image quality.

By other hand, Hulu offers a subscription at $6, but if we decide to enjoy content without ads (advertising) it increases to 12 dollars and if we want live TV, the amount increases to $45, making it clear that one platform is more expensive than the other but according to their plans.

Which one should you choose?

While Hulu’s service is being finalized in the countries where it will arrive in 2021, the option will continue to be Netflix which will continue to be the user’s preference because it’s easy to access.

The truth is that both become a good substitute for subscription television or at least an alternative for those who prefer to continue watching TV and also hire the services of these services to watch audiovisual productions.